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Stephanie okeyo, microbiologist

Founder of Under the Microscope

"Due to unavoidable circumstances, I took 6 years to complete my undergraduate studies in Microbiology. To compensate for lost time, I had to endeavor to work harder and the internet became my source of information. I still however, felt a great void in that I was not able to connect to any local content that would make it easier for me to understand and learn.

"This gave me the drive to create "Under the Microscope".

"Under The Microscope" roots from my experience as a student and a young researcher with this initiative I hope to contribute to filling the gap of scientific knowledge by creating local science content through collaborations and create a platform that the African scientific community can connect to. I envisage Under The Microscope (UTM) providing a platform to disseminate information in a simple creative way that makes the experience engaging, interesting and inclusive for all disciplines. Under the Microscope is my passage of sharing this wonderful world of science with you. Let us walk together in empowering the next generation and showing the value of science!"

- Stephanie Okeyo, Microbiologist

"If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito" -- An African proverb.